The Centre for Regulation of Transport by Hire Care (TransAD)

Asset Tracking System
About the Company
The Center for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars (TransAD) was established pursuant to Law No. (19/2006) issued by HH Shiekh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi. The aim of TransAD is to develop, regulate, monitor and continually improve the services provided by hire cars in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Request placed by the Company

Desktop Application

  • Track Asset
  • Integrate asset with barcode facility
  • Asset depreciation management
  • Asset movement tracking
  • Asset auditing
  • Detailed Reporting

Handheld Application
  • Asset Verification
  • Asset Tagging
  • Asset transfer (custodian transfer)
  • Asset auditing

Integration to 3rd party application
  • Microsoft GP – purchase module

Business Problems

  • Company asset was distributed in location with minimal record in Excel.
  • Asset distributed to staff where not tracked.
  • IT asset serial No. was not tracked.

Highlights of the Application Delivered

  • Atomization of the process.
  • Asset creation, with barcoding integrated
  • Depreciation method assigning for individual asset
  • Automated depreciation calculation with user configured depreciation method
  • Asset data pulling from GP automation.
  • Multi user group & user manageable Security Features.
  • User configurable reporting utility
  • Pivot Reporting feature for dynamic analysis of report.
  • User friendly design with DevExpress Controls.

Technical Architecture

Application Technology& Features

  • Atomization of the process.
  • SQL Server 2008 database
  • .NET3.5 framework
  • C# Programing language
  • DevExpress v9.2 UI Controls.
  • WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Web Service Architecture
  • Microsoft ClickOnce Technology
  • Solution seamlessly integrated with third party application such as Microsoft GP
  • Application can be launched from anywhere with a single requirement
    – “Internet”
    (provided the webservice is hosted in static IP server)