Al Wasl FC

Inventory Application
About the Company
Al-Wasl Football Club is a United Arab Emirates Football League club based in Dubai. It is a part of the multi-sports club Al Wasl Sports Club. Al Wasl is one of the most successful clubs in the UAE in all sports.

Request placed by the Company

  • Track sports equipment’s and accessories at Wasl Club Store.
  • Proper location identification of stock.
  • Manage InOut Process of stock.

Business Problems

  • No proper record on stock status.
  • No record on stock receipt and Issue.

Highlights of the Application Delivered

  • Bin and location wise stock management for accurate stock identification
  • Atomization of purchase and stock issue.
  • Barcode integration for quick transaction
  • Total record on stock In Out.
  • Accurate stock evaluation.
  • Stock ageing calculation.