Xact ERP

Instead of making you change to fit external solutions, Xact provide lean, flexible, ERP applications that are tailored to conform to the way you do business, providing smooth transitions. Xact ERP covers all the standard modules of Finance, HR, Procurement and Inventory, and also transforms to be the backbone of core process such as VAN sales, Labour Camp Management, WMS, CRM, and Job Costing. Xact ERP enables application to be mobile with Web based application, Handheld Terminal and windows Tablet.

Xact ERP Features:

  • Multi Location, Company, Multi cost center handling
  • Process Workflow defining
  • Real time report analysis
  • User customizable Reporting Feature
  • Multi barcode design attachable.
  • Purchase, upgrade, integrate module with ease.
  • Module and workflow customization according to customer need.
  • Security feature to manage and restrict user based on hierarchy.
  • Mailing and SMS feature for notification.

Xact ERP Benefits:

  • Intuitive, configurable system interfaces
  • Reduction in software training
  • Cost of future innovation is dramatically decreased
  • Web based application will enable user to access form anywhere on go.
  • Manage multi location and get consolidated and split-up report as per the management need at any time.
  • Application mobility option

Integrated Modules:

  • Finance Module
  • Purchase Module
  • Sales Module
  • Location to Location Transfer Module
  • Stock Take & Adjustment Module
  • HR module
  • Asset Tracking and Management Module
  • Mobilization Module
  • CRM Module
  • Van Sales Module
  • WMS module
  • JOB Costing Module
  • POS Module