Xact Labour Camp Management


  • Helps to make better contracts between clients
  • Complete process management
  • Better control & allocation of labours to the rooms.
  • Maximum utilization of the camp capacity.
  • User friendly interface and reporting tool.

Key Features

  • Helps to co-ordinate time consuming process in labour camp in day-today basis with ease.
  • Reduces human intervention/activity.
  • Easy to maintain heaps of records.
  • Total MIS report to know exact position of labour camp with full details
  • Easy to generate invoice for customers with detailed summary, A Biggest headache for labour camp management is resolved easily
  • Helps to have a total control on labour camp activities
  • Day end process checks day-today activities on daily basis which will help management to co-ordinate with labour camp manager to do everyday activity¬† and to know number of pending works/days
  • Allocation of rooms and beds efficiently for better management of occupants.

Standard Modules

  • Accounts
  • Inventory
  • Mobilization
  • HR/Pay roll
  • Assets Maintenance
  • Help Desk
  • MIS Report