Android Stock take Solution

The Solution available in

  1. SaaS Model -DSTME Cloud Server 
  2. On-Premise Model- Customer dedicated Server

Web Module for upload stock take master data (Back office)

  • Company Registration, User creation.
  • User Privilege settings
  • Master template in csv format, upload data in csv format
  • user creation for mobile usage.
  • Settings
  1. Enabling Batch& expiry
  2. clearing existing stock data
  3. Company credentials
  4. Changing scan mode etc.
  • Reports- Raw wise, consolidate & Location wise reports in excel/txt formats

Android App (Stock take module)

  • Device registration under company
  • User login
  • Stock take- Normal, Quick modes
  1. Normal Stock take-Select location, scan or enter barcode and enter quantity manually.
  2. Quick Stock take- Select location, scan and save as quantity 1.
  • Batch & Expiry capturing-Select batch and enter Expiry (only in normal mode)
  • View & edit option for scanned data.
  • Option to capture not found barcode items.
  • Settings- Manage data (clear device database),Field settings, Scan settings, Web URL settings
  • Option to capture not found barcode items.
  • Offline login, offline stock take.
  • Download and sync in online mode.

Advantages of Android Stock take

  • No need to connect device over USB to PC for uploading and downloading data.
  • Multiple devices can be sync to back office from anywhere in the world (Saas Model). on -premise it is limited to anywhere in the local network.
  • Fast download & Upload of data
  • 3 Types of reports in Excel or txt format
  • Offline Login & stock take

Web Module- Screens

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