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Any organization in a range above 50 staff requires HRMS to efficiently manage the employee relation. While choosing an appropriate system requires a thought process for retaining the solution which can grow based on the company’s growing needs. VOW HR Payroll Management system is a platform that supports the organization with variety of modules that can be added at any stage based on the organization requirement. the system is designed with simplicity in mind. The solution features both desktop and web version for platform independence.

Vow HR Payroll Software Modules

Data management

HR will help you to collate all the information in one place and establishes a consistent view of your data. Our data management tools will help you make quick and informed decisions. We will also help you to minimize data inconsistency and improve HR productivity.

Attendance and Leave Management

HR Payroll will help you to save time with easy access to employee information on demand, effortlessly track past leave history, check current leave balances as well as track every in and out time.

Performance Management

HR payroll will help you to increase productivity by setting goals as well as review performances. It will also help you identify the skills of your employees and the places they can improve which consequently will help in the company’s growth.

Increase HR Productivity

HR payroll helps you to simplify and streamline your administrative work while making it easier to manage and control your workforce without needing to allocate too many resources for them. You can also reduce the overall paperwork used by the company.

Payroll Management

HR payroll makes it one click payroll processing and helps in managing salary structures, generate payroll reports, compute accurate salaries which helps in managing your staffs easy and thus helps in business growth.


Our integrated interface improves data security and helps you manage official documents, company policies and employee data with ease. Furthermore, you can get all the employee information at your fingertips with our software.

Vow HR Payroll

Employee Self-service Module

Employee Self-service web interface
Employee self-service profile view

ESS Module provide the user to manage the HRMS on the GO. Responsive web Interface enables user to accurately view the content irrespective of the device they use.

Quick Dashboard view and easy UI helps the user to focus on their KPI.

ESS employee document details
  • Multi level Workflow Configuration for Leave
  • User action queue
  • Employee Asset Allocation
  • Flexibility to configure multiple leave and Pay rules
  • Salary Preparation Utility
  • Passport Control of employee
  • Employee Appraisal campaign management
  • ESS Module
  • User Level Dashboard and Performance Indicator
  • Configurable Reports
  • Easy configuration of rules
  • Employee document expiry handling
  • Notification mail configuration
  • Expiry Notification indicators
  • Automated verification of salary preparation
  • Timesheet bulk and manual updation option to ease the process
  • Multi Company, Multi Branch, Multi Establishment configurable option
  • Gratuity and EOS Modules configurable as per company policy
  • Advance and auto deduction module
  • Annual leave policy configuration module
  • Employee Asset allocation module


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    Most frequent questions and answers

    this hrms will be a right fit to an organisation above 50 employees, the product is highly configurable with N’ number of rule configurations. even group company with different business unit and different policy can be configured under a single solution which allows the management C level Managers to take decision efficiently.

    The product configuration engine is in .net platform with Click Once web enabled architecture which runs in windows OS. Apart from this an web based ESS module is also an add on which enables the platform independence to the application. except the configuration all the activity can be performed in ESS module

    Yes, recruitment module is an add-on module, this module is highly interactive module which helps the recruiter to minimize data entry work and pass this task to candidate thus removing entry errors.

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