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Introducing Xact Retail erp
Xact retail erp

A highly retail business centric solution with 15 years of product refinement

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    Xact Retail erp reduces the complexity for our retailers while freeing them to focus on connecting with business and empowering across all channels. It is a precise and complete software for complex processes that eliminates guesswork which allows you to make the right decisions. Dstme Xact Retail erp is a lean and flexible ERP solutions tailored to conform to the way you do business. Retail ERP covers all the standard modules like Finance, HR, Procurement, Inventory and also some custom modules based on client requirement.

    Point of sale module

    Xact Retail erp can act as a tool to execute all transactions, simplify accounting processes and gives you real-time report on sales. It will also keep you well-informed to make the customer’s purchase process fast and accurate.

    Inventory Management

    Xact Retail erp reduces the complexity for our retailers while freeing them to focus on connecting with customers and empowering their employees across all channels.

    Accounts and finance

    Our comprehensive retail accounting system will help you to track your ROI, cut your expenses by 10-15% and it will also help you to closely attend to cash flow, controls and costs.

    Warehouse and store management

    Track stock movement efficiently with barcoding, integrated with handheld device and wms applications.

    • Multi Location, Company, Multi cost center handling
    • Process Workflow defining
    • Real time report analysis
    • User customizable Reporting Feature
    • Multi barcode design attachable.
    • Purchase, upgrade, integrate module with ease.
    • Module and workflow customization according to customer need.
    • Security feature to manage and restrict user based on hierarchy.
    • Email and sms notification features.
    • Finance Module
    • Procurement Module
    • Sales Module
    • Branch Transfer Module
    • Stock Take & Adjustment Module
    • HR module
    • Handheld/Mobility module
    • POS Module

    Xact Retail Point of Sale

    Take a look at our point of sale screens

    Easy to use Touch interface, Loyalty module, Delivery management, Multi currency check out

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    Retail erp solution with pos

    We have good expertize in implementing retail erp solutions over retail hypermarkets | supermarkets | department stores. 

    Our Retail hardware Infrastructure Solutions

    Supermarket solution

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    Retail erp screens


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Minimum number of 3 store and above will be ideal for Xact ERP. Xact ERP will be helpful to centralize the process of procurement and inventory management. every aspect of the system can be controlled centrally.

    The system managed centrally and every store will be connected to the central system. and POS counters will be connected to the Store system.

    In case the central system is down the store operation will not be interrupted, the POS systems will run even is the store server is down. 

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